Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building
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2.2.6     Duties and Responsibilities of the Urban Local Government Development Project (ULGDP); and the Urban Government Development Program (UGDP)
1.      Capacitate cities on project planning, implementation and administration.
2.      Prepare project implementation manuals.
3.      Provide and deliver project implementation capacity building trainings.
4.      Follow up and assure no objections of projects from lenders and donors.
5.      Support cities in bid document preparation for goods, consultancy service, and contractors purchase.
6.      Support in ensuring the environmental and social framework during project planning and implementation
7.      Enhance cities effectiveness in financial administration and revenue collection.
8.      Support and follow up matching fund for cities.
9.      Initiate individuals and institutions to deliver projects that are to be implemented in the  context of the urban poor.
10. Improve urban infrastructure provision.
11. Create job opportunity to assure public benefits.
12. Support and follow up contract management of cities.
13.  Support cities in financial management of projects.
14. Support cities in yearly financial and project performance auditing.
3.   The bureau’s main achievements and assignments under execution
3.1 The bureau’s main achievements and assignments under execution
  •     The bureau under Capacity Building for Decentralized Service Delivery (CBDSD) program executed the Civil Service Reform Program, Restructuring and Empowering Local Governments and Strengthening the Ministry of Capacity Building.
  •     The Bureau designed Urban Development Fund and implemented a total of 67 projects of which 46 are infrastructure building and 21 are procurements on 11 selected cities using 10 million Euro fund received by the Agreement reached between governments of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and German Federal Republic.
  •     The Bureau coordinated and mobilized a World Bank loan of 300 million Dollars for the implementation of vast infrastructures and capacity building projects under 19 cities from different regions including Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city Administrations.
  •     The bureau is under implementation of 8 main and 8 pro poor  projects in 8 cities including emerging regions using a 10 million Euro and 4.7 million dollar  fund received by the Agreement reached between  German Federal Republic and  Federal Democratic Republic  of Ethiopia
  •     The bureau utilized a public sector capacity building program (PSCAP) fund for improving cities human resource capacity by providing different training arrangements particularly urban Management degree program for more than 2100 leaders and professionals.
  •     The bureau geared it projects towards creating job opportunity and to this day created   job opportunity for more than 212 281 people of females constitute more than 41%.
  •         The bureau in its effort to ensures social and environmental safeguard in all fund projects, it implemented Full Resettlement Action Plan and abbreviated resettlement action plan for 96 projects and for ongoing 37 projects. Additionally, full and partial environmental impact assessment was exercised for 248 projects and now under execution for 248 projects. Environmental and social screening was made to 1680 projects sites. 
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