Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building
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2.2.4        Duties and Responsibilities of the Public Participation and Decentralization Department
1.      Enhance the public awareness, their right and responsibilities and thereby enable them to be involved in ensuring participatory development and good governance through different urban agendas.
2.      Empower the urban dwellers in active participation and decision making process through the formulation and implementation of different urban agendas.
3.      Effectively implement the 5 year GTP by expanding integrated and public initiated development plan.
4.      Mobilize the urban dwellers in the making of clean and green urban environment.
5.      Celebrate the cities week by the active involvement of urban centers through the preparation of well organized plan and enable them to share experiences and best practices among them.
6.      Setting workable public mobilization agendas, and organize best practices and support and follow up its expansion to other towns and localities.
7.      Strengthen decentralized governance system in the urban centers and empower them to effectively exercise their power and manage fiscal issues.
2.2.5        Duties and Responsibilities of the Municipal Service Standardization and Performance Measurement Department 
1.      Identify the type of services that standards shall be developed
2.      Municipal Service standard development
3.      Municipal Service standard implementation manual preparation
4.      Conducting capacity building measures for the concerned executing bodies on how to implement the developed standards
5.      Implement the developed municipal service standards
6.      Follow-up the implementation and give technical support to the municipality
7.      Municipal service delivery performance measurement system development
-          Performance measurement directive development
-          Performance indicators preparation
-          Performance measurement manual preparation
8.       Municipal service delivery performance measurement
9.       Best practice identification, specifically in the municipal service
10. Implement the best practice in the selected cities and municipalities
11. Scale up the identified best practice to all municipalities.
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