Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building
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2.2.3 Duties and Responsibilities of the Human Resource Development and Standardization Department
1.      Developing human resource development strategy and programs;
2.      Developing consensus on the human resource development program and implementation accordingly
3.      Conducting training need assessment, preparation of training proposals, channeling  education and training programs  towards strengthening the sector’s execution capacity by gearing education curriculum towards need of the sector;
4.      Supporting the sector’s need based efforts of human resource development activities at TVET, Bachelors, Masters and PhD level;
5.      Supporting Micro and Small Scale Enterprises and cooperatives working in the sector through training in order make them competent and increase their income;
6.      Conducting workshops, conferences and experience sharing events in order to disseminate urban development policy and strategies;
7.      Ensuring placement of the educated and trained professionals according to their profession;
8.      Monitoring evaluation of education and training programs on their contribution towards the fulfillment of mission of the sector and providing feedback for continual improvement;
9.      Strengthening on-job short term trainings;
10. Evaluation and impact assessment of experience sharing based abroad trainings prior to their implementation. 
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