Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building
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2.2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Departments Project and Program Organized under the Bureau
2.2.1        Duties and Responsibilities of the Project Management Department
1.      Together with concerned stakeholders it will identify and discuss the various problems and conduct project preparation activities when they are approved by the higher authority.
2.      Provides the necessary support and follow up for projects preparation in order to guarantee their acceptance by government, lenders and donors; and ensure their quality.
3.      Provides due support for projects prepared by others government agencies working closely with the ministry in general and the department in particular.
4.      Prepares project documents to obtain   fund from government, donor organizations and lenders.
5.      Ensures that the acquired fund will administer in line with the intended  project objectives, agreement reached  as well as rules and regulations of the nation and charity /loaner organizations
6.      Provides appropriate support and follow up to ensure efficient and effective implementation of  projects
7.      Provides field oriented  in-service training  for  leaders and professionals from beneficiary regions and cities regarding project preparation, fund administration and financial management
8.      As per the need and priority of the ministry, it  will conduct timely and quality oriented procurements of consultants and commodities
9.      By opening letter of credits, it conducts international procurements.
2.2.2        Duties and Responsibilities of the Cities Integrated Infrastructure Development ManagementDepartment
1.      Ensure that cities will provide standardized infrastructure that is equivalent to the current development scheme in our country
2.      Capacitate cities to administer their infrastructure properly
3.      Capacitate cities to have a well organized income collecting mechanism to provide the necessary infrastructure
4.      Establish a system that infrastructures in cities will be built in integration
5.      Follow up and support that infrastructures built in cities are in accordance with the environmental and social framework.
6.      Establish available structure that enable to implement the integrated infrastructure strategy in cities and regions
7.      Provide training on the integrated infrastructure strategy and follow-up its implementation in cities
8.      Organize best practices and disseminate fund under project implementation.
9.      Prepare Municipal infrastructure Grant directive and follow up its implementation.
10. Follow up the construction of infrastructures that are being built in cities. 
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