Support Service Coordination Bureau Support Service Coordination Bureau
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1.      Introduction
The Support Service Coordination Bureau is one of the bureaus established for the implementation of the policies and strategies of the Office of the Ministry. The Bureau has four departments under its authority: Human Resource Department, Finance Department, Supplies Department, and General Services Department. Each of these departments works to facilitate the activities of the various bureaus that are found in the Office. Accordingly, payment service, purchasing work, human resource allocation, training and enabling, transportation as well as related activities of maintaining the cleanliness, beauty and safety of the compound are intensively carried out. Moreover, the Bureau undertakes administrative work, apart from enabling an efficient and responsible use of the existing resource capacity.
Departments under the Bureau are:-
1.      Department of Human Resource Development
2.      Department of Supplies
3.      Department of Finance
4.      Department of General services 
2. Duties and Responsibilities of the Support Service Coordination Bureau and Departments under the Bureau 
2.1 Duties and Responsibilities of the Support Service Coordination Bureau
The Support staff Coordination Bureau is accountable to the Office’s senior leadership/ to the Minister or to the State Ministers. It plays the role of coordinating and directing to ensure the provision of a complete support system demonstrated in swift, effective and economical human resource, finance, supplying work management, and general services activities that are necessary for the objective-implementing bureaus in the Office. When it undertakes these allied activities, the Bureau creates interfaces with the different business processes and sections of the Office of the Ministry. From this perspective, the Bureau has the following authorities and responsibilities.
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