Policy and Program Bureau Policy and Program Bureau
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1.      Introduction

In accordance with Proclamation 691/2010 issued by the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Government in 2010 to determine the power and duties of the executive bodies, the Urban Development and Construction Ministry was reestablished in a new way and was mandated to lead, coordinate and monitor the Urban Development and Construction Industry sectors. In line with this, the Ministry is undertaking various development activities by designing policies, programmes, strategies and development plans that will foster development and create an atmosphere conducive for the expansion of investment which encourages the private sector. To this end the ministry organized the Policy and Programme Bureau. The bureau has the following departments:-

1.      Department of Planning, Implementation, Follow-up and    


2.      Department of Urban Sector Policy and Program Performance, Monitoring,  

     Support and Evaluation

3.      Department of Construction Sector Policy and Performance Monitoring,

     Support and Evaluation

4.      Department of Budget Preparation and Monitoring

5.      Department of Statistical Studies and Research


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