Office of the Minister and Mini-Cabinet Affairs Bureau Office of the Minister and Mini-Cabinet Affairs Bureau
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Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities of Office of the Minister and Mini-Cabinet Affairs Bureau are as follows:-

1. Guiding the Office of the Minister at a higher level;

2. Managing affairs presented by and decided upon at the mini-cabinet, executing and follow-up their implementation through becoming close supporter of the higher administrative body;   

3. Providing support and follow-up for ensuring the execution of the Growth and Transformation Plan implementation evaluation result,  as well as decisions and directions given by the upper administrative bodies in various meetings in the sections of the ministry  and accountable institutions to the ministry;

4.Guiding follow-up, support and evaluation works at a higher level for ensuring support activities are carried out appropriately regarding accountable institutions to the ministry in affairs aligned with development programs of objective implementing sections of the ministry;

5. Follow-up so that gender affairs get institutional framework and are incorporated in policies, programs, projects and plans; the participation of women and youth in development activities and their benefits reaches higher level; preventing the expansion of HIV/AIDS; and  also urban centers become comfortable for children;

6.Providing support by evaluating draft proclamations, regulations, directives, manuals and contract documents prepared by sections under the ministry and making them have appropriate legal forms;

7. Protecting the benefits of the ministry by carrying out legal litigation if the ministry files a suit or is sued;

8.Follow up and provide support so that the sections or departments organized under the ministry appropriately plan and execute in accordance with their plan and are carrying out appropriate support works.