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Services Delivered by the Information Technology and Database Bureau


Delivered Services

Place of Service Delivery

Service Delivery Standard

Precondition to get service






The service of making available different kinds of city plan,/ basic, structural and local development plans/ documents, urban construction and development magazines, policies, proclamations, regulations, and  guidelines to allow  customers to get their photocopies.

At the library and the record desk

On Working days

In documents, plans and CD copies

For photocopies, for CDs

By presenting a letter from their offices or learning institutions


Providing internet service for all members of the community by allowing access to the website of the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction and enabling them to get information on the ministry’s responsibilities, policies of the sector, proclamations, regulations, guidelines, standards and  information on cities

In the Database Development Department

Every day 24 hours





Allowing external users to get access to information on the Internet about the sector at the ministry’s library

At the library and the record desk

During working days

Through electronic





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