Information Technology and Database Development Bureau Information Technology and Database Development Bureau
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2.2. Integrated Software and Database Development

Aligned with the sequence of activities set in the network infrastructure development, this project is aimed at automating all the activities that are carried out in the sector, whereas different software and databases will be developed and implemented.  Hierarchical services delivered in the sector from federal to cities, a reporting system, and monitoring and evaluation activities will all be performed by developing and using software and databases. This will enable the sector to deliver complete services to its customers and achieve its vision. Furthermore, by developing interconnecting and using websites and portals, it will be made possible to make information pertinent to the sector easily available to any interested community. 

2.3. Information Policy Designing and Integrated ICT Human Resource Development for the Sector

Various kinds of training will be given with the aim of building the capacities of employees in the Ministry, the regions and accountable institutions under the Ministry. Software and database network installations and similar undertakings that will improve the flow of information will be carried out in the Office of Urban and Construction Ministry, regional urban and construction bureaus and hierarchical offices in the cities. As a result, due to the fact that there will be numerous information technology activities  performed in connection with receiving, managing and sending information at the information centers installed in each office, tasks of getting a sufficient number of competent and skilled manpower  as well as building the capacity and empowering the existing work force will be done.

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