Capacity building and reform management bureau Capacity building and reform management bureau
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1.      Introduction

In the past two decades, our country has registered a rapid economic and social growth because development forces, led by the government, have worked cooperatively in unison and harmony. In the current process, the changes have benefited more the rural communities than the urban communities. For this, the reason could be, on the one side, the rent-seeking attitude entrenched in urban populations, and on the other, an understanding gap in the guidance given in connection with the benefits that could be obtained if the leadership, implementers and stakeholders of development plans at various levels of the sector were involved in a concerted manner.   

So as to enable the urban communities to rip the benefits of the country’s accelerated changes in good governance and development areas as well as to achieve the goal that is set to transform the country from agriculture-led to industry-led economy, it is imperative to be committed to fighting rent-seeking attitudes and practices and build a developmental political economy. In this regard, it has been understood that producing leadership with the right attitudes and skills, realizing the potentials of our development forces that should be engaged in the various urban development areas, and identifying the attitudes and skills of these forces and engaging them in a concerted fight against poverty - our common enemy - with hardly any unnecessary wastage of resources is indispensable. In conjunction with this, our development plans should be met with dynamism through an organized, efficient and effective body which renders good leadership and an urban development force that actively implements the plans.

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