Audit Department Audit Department

1.     Introduction

A free and independent audit service plays an important role in transferring reliable information to government decision makers, third parties (lending and philanthropic donor organizations), investors, the trading community and international institutions. Due to this, an audit department must be led by a principled professional who has competence, honesty and integrity.  Dealing with economic decisions, government bodies should make decisions based on current and reliable information pertinent to the economic issue at hand.

The increase in the need for information that is obtained from a free and independent body by international institutions, trading communities, government executive bodies, justice bodies, investors, banks, lending and philanthropic donor organizations to determine and guide their undertakings has resulted in the development of a free and independent audit service. In this regard, the Audit Department of the Ministry has thus been organized in such a way that

1.     Finance and property audit case team and

2.     Performance audit case team has been formed under its authority, so that it will be able to deliver service which is aligned with the current context.

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