Audit Department Audit Department
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2.  Duties and Responsibilities of the Department and Case Teams Organized Under the Department

2.1 Duties and Responsibilities of the Audit Department

The Audit department carries out the following duties and responsibilities

1.     Financial property audit analysis,

2.     Performance audit analysis,

3.     Information technology (computer audit) analysis,

4.     Contract audit analysis,

5.     Special audit analysis,

6.     Consultancy service,

7.     Checking the practicality and implementation of decisions 

For the department to carry out these tasks vouchers, ledgers, financial reports, account documents, contract documents, proclamations, guidelines, rules and norms, work specifications, result-oriented plans, study documents, bank statements and others must be availed.

2.2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Case Teams Organized Under the Department

2.2.1 Major Activities of the Finance Audit Case Team

The finance audit presents to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development a report of quarterly-made assessments of whether the office’s use and handling of the finances and properties are in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the government. In the report, it presents suggestions that help to fill in performance gaps, monitors performance, provides consultancy services to superior leadership, and performs special auditing tasks given to it from the higher leadership.

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