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1.1.1.      Directions of focus and  services delivered by the Bureau
  1. Facilitate the development of towns and create a favorable environment by putting into effect changes in the BPR of the Urban and Construction Bureau in an integrated way.
  2. Implement urban development and housing proclamation, policies, regulations and rules.
  3. Speedup urban development having master plans for towns.
  4. Create a favorable condition that will help to alleviate housing problems in towns and make all citizens beneficiaries. It gives special attention to high standard housing development that suits all groups of the society. This involves focusing on assisting the expansion of affordable houses by allocating land for residential and working areas in an integrated way. By providing land, the assistance will be in connection with the provision of alternative designing and building technology or encouraging those who are willing to provide such technology on the provision of primed land.
In general, although the Urban and Construction Sector is contributing much, it has faced numerous problems to achieve all its goals. The following are some of the major problems.
  1. Satisfying the need of the house-seeking society has been impossible since a budget has not been allocated at the federal level, although it was planned to build government- rental houses.
  2. Plots have not been given to land-seekers at the required time which has hindered the people from constructing their own houses. This has been due to the current situation in the region and the government’s concern and the favorable condition it has established to protect the land from embezzlement and invaders. This has to do with the limited resources of the concerned bodies and delays in decision making that affect the cascading and implementation of the land-leasing scheme.
  3. Some of the contractors in the region do not have the required capacity. Besides, once they embark on their undertakings, they are not monitored well.
  4. Since there is no allocated budget for the engineering section of the bureau, it could not make timely field visits and inspect and control construction activities. As a result, construction projects are not completed on time. In order to tackle the mentioned problems, preparations have already been made for 2013.
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