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1.      Duties and Responsibilities of the Urban and Construction Bureau
    The Urban Development and Construction Bureau has the following duties and
1.      Prepares and control every designing and construction work that is undertaken in the region; entertains questions from people seeking engineering cost estimates and carries out activities of monitoring and contracts administration.
2.      Ensure that the policies and rules of the federal and regional governments are respected; prepare and distribute necessary guidelines and manuals for their implementation; and also monitor their implementation; ensure that civil construction projects are undertaken by senior engineering consultants.
3.  Carry out needs-assessment of the region’s construction and designing works, make decisions and ensure their implementations.
4.  Carry out cost estimation work for projects undertaken by government budget; inspect their implementation; gather and survey information on current costs of construction material and carry out their implementation work.
5.     Prepare and implement construction bids; approve payments for construction and consultancy projects.
6.      Select construction project consultant and contractors or get them selected by evaluating their competency levels.
7.  Give accreditation to construction engineers, contractors and consultant engineers; determines their levels, registers them, issues or revokes their licenses.
8.  Monitor whether the designs and constructions of roads in the region are undertaken properly.
9.      Get the levels of towns determined; and grants them recognition.
10. Ensure that tariff regulations are improved and monitors the implementation by studying the income sources and capacities of cities.
11. Put into effect guidelines for determining the levels and rent estimations of urban land and taxes levied on urban houses, leasing, and policy implementation.
12. Improve the organizations and structures of towns, ensure that a capacity building fund is established and render business development service.
13. Formulate and implements a strategy to strengthen urban-rural linkages and bilateral relations.
14. Perform other related activities that will help to achieve the objectives.
Since its establishment, the Urban Development and Construction Bureau has been contributing its share to the observable development changes in the construction of houses, improving the quality of local roads, enabling wereda towns to have basic maps and giving recognition to others. Moreover, from the point of view of satisfying the needs of the society, the Bureau is striving to achieve better results by organizing unemployed youths into small-scale enterprise agencies that will create job opportunities and favorable conditions for the young generation.
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