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1.      Introduction
Gambela Peoples Regional State is located in the western part of Ethiopia at 777 kilometers from Addis Ababa. It is bordered by Beneshangul and Oromia in the north, SNNPRS and the Republic of Sudan in the south, SNNPRS and Oromia in the east, and the Republic of Sudan in the west. The region covers an area of 34063 square kilometers and is divided into 3 zones (Agnuak, Nuer and Mezengir) and 12 woredas (districts). According to the 2007 data that was released by the Central Statistics Authority, the region has a population of 306916 with Agnuak, Nuer, Mezengir, Komo and Opo ethnic groups.
The Urban Development and Construction Bureau is one of the Sector offices established by the 1995 proclamation of the regional government. The Bureau was established with the objective of speeding up the development and growth of towns in the region by creating systematized working procedures.  To this effect, the Bureau has been organized into seven major business processes, which is consistent with the new Business Process Reengineering (BPR). The Bureau was organized with seven business process owners and assistant business process officers. This was made based on the improved organizational structure that was put into effect in 2010,with the goal of achieving the Bureau’s objective.
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