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2.      Duties and Responsibilities of the Bureau 

In accordance with proclamation issued by the Afar National Regional State to determine the powers and duties of the region’s executive bodies, the Urban Development and Construction Bureau has the following authorities and duties:-

·         It carries out research on urbanization and sets assessment criteria for towns,

·         It provides all-round and integrated support to make towns centers of development for their surroundings,

·         It designs a management and organizational system that will enable to raise the capacities of towns,

·         It prepares, allocates and monitors urban land that will be used for investment, social services and residential houses,

·         It gives recognition to the establishment of municipalities in cities,

·         It carries out surveying tasks and prepares basic urban development plans,

·         It sets assessment criteria, prepares guidelines and manuals and for protection of urban sanitation and beautification and follows up their implementations,

·         It administrates government-owned houses in the region,

·         With the purpose of alleviating the shortages of residential houses, it creates conducive conditions, encourages and provides technical support so that low-cost houses are constructed and rented in towns of the region,

·         It gives recognition for the establishment of municipalities in towns; it monitors, controls and provides technical and professional support to the established ones in budgeting, planning and preparing urban plans as well as with regard to manpower allocation, administration and revenue collection,

·         It provides the necessary monitoring support by ensuring the preparation of designs and construction agreements for buildings constructed with the budget of the regional state and inspecting the construction works that are undertaken,

·         It registers engineers and architects; gives professional certification and determines the levels of contractors and consultants,

·         It monitors construction activities that are undertaken in the region,

·         In line with design and construction at the federal and regional levels, it makes sure that uniform guidelines for assessing standard are being implemented in the region,

·          It makes sure that the quality of buildings, roads and other civil works and design  meets the required level,

·         It monitors whether the execution of constructions that are undertaken with the budget of the regional state meet the quality, schedule and costs indicated in the contractual agreements,

·         By studying the growth of towns in the region at various times, it forwards suggestions so that towns are granted transition to the next level; it provides all-round and integrated support so that towns are centers of development; and it studies and follows up urban settlement and the growth direction,

·         It devises methods  by which infrastructure developments in the region are carried in accordance with plans, follows up and provides support,

·         It monitors town administrations in the region in urban plan preparation and implementation, manpower administration and allocation; it provides technical and professional support; and when the demand arises, it prepares plans for rural kebele centers and towns and oversees their implementation,

·         It makes that there exist various building frameworks which towns must adhere to in an all-inclusive level; and improves them based on their growth,

·         It establishes, mechanisms by which urban land is utilized in a cost-effective and efficient manner; it follows up and monitors their implementations,

·         It submits questions to the regional government so that relevant institutions for speeding up urban development are established; it carries out the implementation when approval is granted.


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