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The bureau is organized into the following three core and six support business processes:

  1. Design, Construction and Administration Core Business Process;
  2. Urban Plan, Sanitation and Beautification Core Business Process;
  3. Urban Land Development and Property Administration Core Business Process;
  4. Research, Planning and Budget Preparation Support Business Process;
  5. Procurement, Finance and Property Administration Support Business Process;
  6. Human Resource Administration Support Business Process
  7. Audit Support Business Process
  8. ICT Support Business Process; and
  9. Government Sector Public Relations.

With a total of 170 employees and its own vision, mission, authority, duties, values, direction and areas of focus, the Office has been organized to have a huge regional contribution in the urban development and construction sector, its organization reaching city municipalities/ city administrations.

Government focal directions of the sector

·         Raising the level of good governance of towns in the region,

·         Participating stakeholders adequately,

·         Making towns in the region led by plans,

·         Promoting fast and integrated urban development in towns of the region,

·         Creating favorable conditions that will enable to alleviate the shortage of residential houses in the region,

·         Increasing financial capacity for housing development,

·         Raising revenues of cities,

·         Promoting a modern system of land provision and administration, and

·         Building a nationally competitive construction industry

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